Kathleen Kent  is the author of the New York Times bestsellers, The Heretic’s Daughter, and The Traitor’s Wife.  She has completed her third book, titled The Outcasts, set in Reconstruction Era Texas (published by Little Brown, October 2013).  A brief synopsis of The Outcasts:


         A taut, thrilling adventure story about buried treasure, a manhunt, and a woman determined to make a new life for herself in the old west.

It’s the 19th century on the Gulf Coast, a time of opportunity and lawlessness. After escaping the Texas brothel where she’d been a virtual prisoner, Lucinda Carter heads for Middle Bayou to meet her lover, who has a plan to make them both rich, chasing rumors of a pirate’s buried treasure.

Meanwhile Nate Cannon, a young Texas policeman with a pure heart and a strong sense of justice, is on the hunt for a ruthless killer named McGill who has claimed the lives of men, women, and even children across the frontier. Who–if anyone–will survive when their paths finally cross?

As Lucinda and Nate’s stories converge, guns are drawn, debts are paid, and Kathleen Kent delivers an unforgettable portrait of a woman who will stop at nothing to make a new life for herself.

For more information, visit her website:


           or email:  hereticsdaughter@yahoo.com


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  1. karen says:

    I have been reading The Heretic’s Daughter and have loved it. I checked your website and became so excited to see you are writing a boot about Texas. I too am a Texas girl. Saw your tweet about driving around White Rock, and although I live about 85 miles outside of Dallas now (I still work in Dallas), I used to live in the Casa Linda area. I love that you are writing of your ancestors, as I also have a number of interesting historical figures in my family history. Keep up the wonderful work. Can’t wait for the Texas novel.

    Karen Hester

    • Karen: Thanks so much for posting, and for all your support and enthusiasm. My Texas book should be released next fall, and I’ll be posting on my FB author page and on my blog site about publication date and tour dates. I so love White Rock Lake, and spend a lot of time there with my boxer, Mattie Belle!

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